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Council Bluffs Home Theater Installation

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Omaha Home Theater Installation

and beyond….! We are in California Locations, and coming to the East Coast soon! However, Omaha is our headquarters and each location merits the same hi end class A quality.

Our technology solutions are the height of home and office luxury. Whether you need a home theater or a custom integrated lighting system for your office, you’ll be taken care of. If you’re looking for comfort and convenient systems, let us provide the solutions.

Home Automation

  • We build custom technology solutions.
  • Control your lighting from a single button.
  • Turn off the upstairs TV while sitting outside.
  • Adjust the thermostat while you’re out.
  • Integrate a customized security system.

Hi-End Home Theater Design

The Home Theater’s we design and build are not out of the box packages, they are well thought-out systems made with your input and ideas. We can consult with you and suggest the best options within your budget and give you a product that will satisfy your family for years, not to mention raise the value of your home.

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Omaha Home Theater Installation

Omaha Home Theater Installation

The greatest thing about installing custom home theaters in Omaha area is getting to work with fellow audio-files and movie buffs around the region.  Crescendo thrives on the ability to turn a plain room into a full-on multimedia appreciation room.  Why do we say it that way? Because our hi-end custom home theater clients are people who appreciate experiencing another level of audio, video, and a combination of well built, high resolution home theater systems that only a qualified home theater installer like ourselves can accomplish.

Council Bluffs Home Theater Installation

Crescendo Home Theater - Projector 4

The Council Bluffs Home Theater Installation industry is a small community, yet finding the right Audio Visual Company in Council Bluffs can be even challenging. With so many options out there from components to wiring to Wi-Fi for wireless whole house audio systems  to setting up media servers with automated control systems, we realize it can be a hard task to investigate Council Bluffs home theater Companies.
We would hope that you would put your trust in us, not blindly, mind you, but earned through our amazing references and examples you can see on our website.  Just talk to us and you will know you are talking to company who takes pride and are fully knowledgeable in what they are doing when it comes to Home Theater Installation.

Home Theater Installation Omaha Council Bluffs

Omaha Council Bluffs Home Theater Installation

Like most things in life, you need to start with what you got.  Now that could be ideally start from a big white sheet of blue print paper, some photos and a great home theater designer, like Crescendo, or it may be an existing room such as a basement, family room, living room or that mother-in-law-apartment in the back yard.  If it’s the former, you might begin your home theater plans mapping it out from the specialized audio visual pre-wire installation to possibly a 3D rendering of the final room with components in place and custom built theater furniture from seats to housing processors, wires and automation matrix control panels. (stuff you don’t want to see unless necessary.)
If it’s the latter, starting from an existing room in your home, then that would involve assessing the structure of the walls, access to attics or crawl spaces, the shape and size of the room, the existing acoustical properties, the electrical layout and come up with a plan with your ideal components in mind for the best in Omaha Home Theater Installation

Home Theater Installation Omaha

Omaha Home Theater Installation

Let’s talk about seating and other custom features you may not think about initially. Of course seating is one of the most important aspects in watching a movie, from comfort to position and also the interactive aspect of sub woofer shaking and vibrating, if you want that 4D aspect to your experience. We can do that. We can do popcorn, curtains, lighting sconces and more.  These little nuances put the icing on top of a masterful cake in terms of Home Theater Installation and technology integration.
The other great thing about thinking of the environment and comfort is that these additions of furniture and lighting are opportunities for perfecting the acoustical qualities of the room. Did you know that book cases are an excellent sound absorber? That is, if it actually has books in it! Libraries are perfect for a home theater set up because of the absorption and diversion of sound waves to prevent them from bouncing around the room or creating ‘standing waves’ which are sound waves that resonate to a frequency of the room, usually in the low end or bass. So what do you think of this  Omaha Home Theater Company now?

Omaha, NE Home Theater Design

Omaha Home Theater Designs are somewhat unique to the demographics in the Midwest. Most folks in the Omaha area are accustomed to bold, bright and cutting edge sounds and visuals. They are demanding and will not settle for less, even down to the bright red Cornhusker custom upholstered  seating.  Popcorn machines, lighting and curtains are all important facets that add to the ambiance create comfort, anticipation and allow the viewers to be immersed in the entertainment of choice.