With home automation, a homeowner can disarm the alarm system, turn on lights, unlock doors, adjust the temperature, and activate the sound system—all without being home.

Omaha-based Crescendo Home Theater, which now has a second branch in Los Angeles, specializes in designing sophisticated audio-visual, security, and home automation systems that integrate technology seamlessly to meet the specific needs and desires of each client. 

“We want to bring value that goes beyond the price point, and that’s why we’ve selected quality manufacturers and products like Bang & Olufsen, and Martin Logan, along with local businesses [like Clark International] to partner with,”  says owner Daniel Karen. 

For example, Crescendo installs electrostatic speaker systems that deliver “you-are-there” sound quality for the ultimate audio experience that, “lifts an audio veil from your ears that you didn’t know was there,” Karen explains. “We use audio technology to bring people closer to the experience of listening to a live performance.” Since 2006, Crescendo has applied this philosophy—using the best components for their intended use, across all their home and business technology solutions.  – As appeared in Omaha Magazine

April 6, 2018 by Photography by Bill Sitzmann